Submissions: Everything! Everyone! Every type of art EVER. ​


Electric Dirt Zine is an annual publication celebrating Queer Appalachia and The Queer South. We have a crush on queers in nature, social justice, art, homespun cultural traditions, and anything made in a cast iron skillet.

We hope you'll share your field notes, poems, prose, essays, playlists, reviews, photography, crosswords, word searches, articles, sketches, collages, paintings, comics, lists, sculptures, folk art, treasure maps, recipes, and tattoos. You can submit anything and everything, as long as it's through the lens of Queer Appalachia/the Queer South.

BITPOC, undocumented, positive, Latinx, working class, blue collar/redneck, elders, sex workers, sober/straightedge, witches, bitches, and chemical mystics are strongly encouraged to submit.

Whether you stayed, migrated, were uprooted, or came back, this is a place for the underrepresented and misinterpreted to represent and document themselves.