Community Micro Grants & Rapid Response

We believe in direct giving, supporting the needs of community members doing important work. Our funding and grants are for people who would have a hard time accessing formal grant processes. There are no deadlines or reports required. We keep your identity anonymous, if requested.  This type of giving is important because so often the people who need access to grants and funds deal with the highest barriers.

Community Micro Grants
Community SOS & Rapid Response Funding

We believe strongly in restorative justice and will use the funds to intentionally redistribute wealth in Appalachia and the South. We are committed to acting in the spirit of reparations and we want to use these grants as a part of that process.

Do you have a community SOS you need Queer Appalachia to signal boost?

We built this platform and maintain it on the community's behalf, it's at your disposal. 

To qualify for this grant, you don’t need a 501-C3, or elegantly worded proposal. You don’t need a history in grant writing or know how to navigate the nonprofit industrial complex. You don’t need notoriety, social capital, or a large following. In fact, if you’ve never considered grant applications before, this is the grant for you.


To qualify, the only requirement is that your project cannot isolate, alienate or ostracize other parts/members of the community due to race, ability, education, recovery status, etc. We think grants should be available to all, that nobody in the community is disposable.

People of color, indigenous people, working class folks and people in recovery are given priority and encouraged to apply.

We will be awarding grants in rounds in four month increments. If you are not a part of the one round of giving, you still can be a part of the next, your application has no expiration date. If anything changes about your application we need to know: location, timeline, collaborators, budget etc. please note there is paperwork involved with receiving a grant, the receiver will need to declare it on their taxes & fill out a W9.

We are excited about changing

the queer cultural landscape of the region through the power of community with you.

To send an SOS:

Do as much as you can before sending in the information to be shared. Put some images together with necessary information like Venmo/CashApp handles. If you would like your personal  Instagram account to be tagged please include that.  If you wish to remain anonymous we will honor that.

Four years into promoting SOS posts, we understand that you only get one shot at having access to traditional banking systems. The first infraction exiles you to 3rd party apps that take a considerable percentage per transaction. Once you mess up there, people have to use even more expensive options like Western Union and Moneygram.

It's very expensive to be part of this country. If you need access to fundraising accounts because you canntot access your own, QA's may be an option. Reach out to us.

People of color, indigenous people, working class folks and people in recovery are given priority and encouraged to apply.


  • contact information

  • project name/online handles

  • Tell us about your needs

  • Instagram-ready image with important information


  • contact information

  • project name/online handles

  • NO MORE THAN 4 paragraphs total, sum up your project & community benefit

  • budget

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