We have exciting news as we organize ourselves and look to the future! We will be partnering with Holler Health Justice in a  fiscal sponsorship.

This means we have a umbrella nonprofit status through them and they will take over our bookkeeping. In addition to opening us up to funding opportunities, this means that our financials will be accessible via their annual report & here. It’s important to us that we approach every aspect of this project with accountability & transparency. HHJ has been teaching us about the apps that help us track mileage, the ones that help organize receipts & track expenses. 4 years and over 100,000 miles into this project we never kept mileage records until HHJ taught us how. To say we are getting a crash course in fiscal literacy is an understatement!  When Queer Appalachia started, it was a simple zine project. Y’all have made it SO much more! What QA looks like today is nothing it's founders could’ve ever imagined. It has become clear that the most important work we are doing is our Harm Reduction work. After Electric Dirt Vol 2 comes out, we will take time to re-structure in ways that accommodate our growth and plan for our future.

Reminder: we are collective, everyone is welcome. If you’re interested in getting involved email queerappalachia@gmail.com