Firstly, we would like to thank the overall community as during the last few weeks, they expressed support and understanding during our time of individual transition. As most know Queer Appalachia was created out of a strong need for Queer Appalachian representation & community engagement. We aimed to achieve meeting this need by utilizing digital platforms & creating content.  Recently, during our journey to become a long-standing resource for our community, we consulted with legal counsel to make sure that both our profit and nonprofit energies are properly manifested and disclosed properly. Accountability, responsiveness, and transparency are of the upmost importance in our organization. We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time. Although initially we had no interest in incorporating the nonprofit work of our charitable organization much less apply for 501(c)(3) status, we have since made such an application upon advice of counsel. Frankly, we were previously apprehensive as we did not want to succumb to demands made wherein, we would breach the trust and confidentiality of any persons who would receive the benefits of our organization through mandated financial disclosures. It has become apparent that for much of the work our organization intends, application for tax free recognition is prerequisite. Consider the acquisition for certain grants and governmental assistance. Our counsel has assured we will be able to protect the privacy interests of our stakeholders, while remaining compliant with federal and state mandated guidelines.

With respect to specific allegations that have been lobbed in the direction of our organization, those who have received the benefits of our organization’s goodwill can attest to our existence, effectiveness and, our community presence. We will not engage in a futile back and forth about our innerworkings and have our intentions questioned.

Any inquiry regarding our funding sources, budgets, or expenditures should be directed to our entity’s attorney of record: Robert Dunlap, 208 Main Street, Beckley WV 25801. Please feel free to bookmark and come back to our page as we intend to revamp and display our content and energies to achieve our entities’ missions.


Community Fundraising Campaigns are paid in full:


Southern Fried Queer Pride / Black Trans Lives Matter $2,000 - ALL SHIPPED 


Capitalism is the Virus / Black Lives Matter WV $10,000 - ALL SHIPPED BY 8/24


Telethons / ALL Financial transactions went through Wussy Mag 


Open / IWW Britney Mask 


This is the first step of addressing the transparency & accountability the community is demanding. 

Financial statements are being prepared by a CPA, expected delivery is December 2020/ January 2021

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